Garmin GPX file heart rate data exporter

As part of the Anglia Ruskin marathon pacing study we have to submit our heart rate data from the 2016 London Marathon. I wrote this little Windows program to get my data from the Garmin Connect website into CSV format for the ARU team. It's open source so you're welcome to reuse the code for your own purposes.

Update 08Feb2022: it now processes .tcx files exported from Garmin Connect too. That's important if you want to extract HR data from an indoor activity, where no GPS track is recorded. (Good luck Reece and friends ;-)

Download program

Download GarminGpxHrmToCsv.exe here. (Right click, save as... or just Run. But you'll have to accept some security warnings to do so.)


The program also shows this list of steps:

  1. Open your marathon activity on the Garmin Connect website
  2. Click on the cog (gearwheel) icon in the top-right
  3. Choose 'Export to GPX'
  4. Let your browser save the file, noting which folder it ended up in
  5. Change the name of your GPX file to include your name for ARU
  6. Click the 'Open and Process' button below, browse to your folder and open the file
  7. When it finishes, do 'Save CSV As...'

If it doesn't work for you, please email me your GPX file so I can investigate.

Source code

I'm releasing this under the Apache License v2.0 just to cover liability etc. This is a permissive licence allowing you to reuse the code in your own commercial programs if you wish.

Download source code package.

It's a simple Visual Studio 2015 Windows Forms C# project. I created it in an old version of Visual Studio so that you should be able to open it with whatever version you have so long as it's not pre-2015.

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